A Leader in Coil Winding Tension Equipment

World's Leading Manufacturer of Precision Tensioning Devices

For over 60 years, Azonic Products has been a leading manufacturer for the coil winding industry and today many other industries. Our full range of tensioning equipment, rack mounting systems for multiple winding operations, and, of course, our original "Wisker Disk®" has made the name Azonic synonymous with quality, economy, and dependability. Our products are not only used for the wire industry, our equipment is used for wire cloth, wire mesh, fiberglass weaving, Kevlar, yarn, nylon, dental floss, and even plastics used in weed trimmers among many other products. We have a tensioning device suited for your needs. We ship our products worldwide to over 36 countries as well as here in the USA. Some of our customers are General Electric, Tyco, NASA, and SpaceX. 

What Is The Importance Of The Tension?

We offer wisker disks, multiple tensioning devices, and accessories. In the coil manufacturing process or when making wire-wound products one of the most important factors affecting quality is tension. Tension devices are used to add tension and maintain precise tension control while accommodating and compensating for the conditions experienced by the magnet wire. To produce the best quality coils in high volume requires precise, consistent and reliable tension control. Our coil winding equipment capacity will fully meet your expectations, as we can cover nearly everything type of wire in the industry. Check our products today and let our experts sort you out if you have any questions.

Why Use A Wisker Disk?

Over 90% of basic dereeling problems are solved simply by using a wisker disk—regardless of spool size. A wisker disk is a simple and effective solution to most dereeling problems, as it maintains a slight, constant tension at all times, and prevents the wire from waterfalling, ballooning, breaking, and tangling itself and other wires. Our wisker disks work whether the spool is in a horizontal or vertical position, create the pretension necessary when using other tensioning equipment, and provide instant wire control during the quick starts and stops of today's high-end winding. We have sold over 5 million throughout the world, available in a wide variety of standard sizes from 2 1/2” to 12” for light, heavy, and extra-heavy wire gauges, plus, we can custom made them to your specifications in sizes from 1 1/2” up to 30”.